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About Chesterton Customseal

At Chesterton Customseal we produce high-performance elastomeric polymer seals designed for use in a wide range of hydraulic seals, pneumatic and rotary equipment.

The solutions we offer range from a vast collection of standardised polymeric seals to customised solutions designed for specific applications, to always provide you with an optimal final product.

Chesterton Customseal is part of the Chesterton® group of companies.

Chesterton Customseal is now a specialised distributor of SKF machined seals.

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Our Products & Solutions

At Chesterton Customseal we specialise in high-performance seals including hydraulic seals, rotary seals, spring energized seals and customised polymer seals.

Who We Serve

Chesterton Customseal’s reputation has been built on providing custom solutions, designed to meet your desired performance and budget targets. The real strength of Chesterton Customseal stems from the depth of industry knowledge, quality of the skills and experience that our technical-leading team has.


Our highly experienced team at Chesterton Customseal delivers proven, state-of-the-art sealing solutions for stationary equipment. Your plant can benefit from our range of high performance sealing systems available for an array of chemical processing applications.

Food & Beverage

Managing food and beverage processing equipment has its challenges. Chesterton Customseal delivers extensive knowledge of sanitary and non-sanitary sealing applications.


Chesterton Customseal can increase equipment performance and reliability with unparalleled sealing technologies in the industry. Our seal design and advanced polymer materials keep oil in the turbine hub and keep debris out for exceptional performance


Your core business is mining. Our core business is ensuring that our equipment delivers peak performance to maximise your productivity. With this in mind and in conjunction with your goals, we develop customised solutions to enhance your operation and give you confidence, performance and value

Oil & Gas

Chesterton Customseal provides a high-value service to the Australian and Asia Pacific Oil & Gas industry.
Our flexible manufacturing capabilities - for both moulded and machined products - enable us to provide virtually a wide range of design, material, and seal size with short lead times.


Chesterton Customseal has an array of solutions for pharmaceutical equipment that includes presses, cylinders and valve/control units to offer unique, proven designs and highly durable, innovative materials for exceptional performance.


The steel industry requires high-performance products to meet continuous challenges and competitive demands. Chesterton Cutsomseal’s expertise and experience in the steel manufacturing environment results in solutions that address long-term reliability and reduce costs and resources.


Chesterton Customseal provides hydraulic and pneumatic seals with high performance, expertise and reliability to support the tire industry. Advanced materials, proven designs and fast turnaround times.

Water WasteWater

Chesterton Customseal offers state of the art, time-tested sealing solutions for the water and wastewater industry.
Chesterton Customseal joins forces with the Chesterton brand to ensure a complete solution for our customers by offering all the best products for water and wastewater plants.

Chesterton® is a world leader in helping process industry companies and manufacturers improve the reliability and efficiency of their rotating, stationary, and fluid power equipment platforms. We are known across a wide range of industries for our award-winning pump and valve sealing solutions, applications expertise, equipment maintenance and wear-prevention products, and knowledgeable hands-on local service. Chesterton® product range includes mechanical seals, packing and gaskets, industrial lubricants and coatings.

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Chesterton Customseal is specialised in elastomeric polymer seals. We offer Chesterton’s full range of seals directly or through distribution channel partners. Get in touch for all of your hydraulic seals, rotary seals, and much more.

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