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Improvement of Lubrication Solution on Automatic Storage and Retrieval System Crane

An ordinary grease was previously used for lubrication of this crane. Chesterton employees suggested two products to provide both internal and external lubrication to improve work efficiency, increase material life, and reduce downtime for repairs.

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Case Study: Repair of Leaking Water Sluice Valves at Bukit Layong

The Chesterton CMS 2000 injectable pump sealant is an environmentally friendly seal that operates with minimal to no leakage. With its flushless stuffing leakage control made of high-purity, reinforced fibre, this sealant creates a solid, composite ring that has no leak paths. The injectable formula is the perfect solution for stopping ongoing leakage issues and keeps pump areas dry and ready for use.

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Case Study: Chesterton DualPac® Technology in Fan Pump

Selecting the correct packing for your application has always been a balancing act between different materials. Chesterton DualPac® 2211 is built to combine the two best and complimentary materials in one packing. In combination with a high strength and resiliency aramid, the solution will resist consolidation without shaft wear, providing the results our customers are seeking.

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Gaskets Case Study: Live Loading Installation on Regen Gas Heater

The customer experienced frequent leakage from the front and rear channel heads on two heat exchangers, specifically during startup and shutdown cycles. Chesterton proposed a solution in April 2018 and all leakage issues were eliminated creating a risk-free environment.

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Gaskets Case Study: Live Loading on Heat Exchanger

A Malaysian bitumen plant faced frequent hydrocarbon leaks from shell and the tube heat exchangers throughout the plant. The solution was the installation of Chesterton® 5505H Live Loading Springs, which ensured no leakage events through start up and production cyclic processes.

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Sugar Roller Mill Jack: Hydraulic Sealing Case Study in the Philippines

The Chesterton 22K design is just one of Chesterton’s many reliable seals, with flexible applications as a rod or piston seal, providing excellent performance in hydraulic environments.​ Guaranteeing a leak-free solution to your appliance, this seal is perfect for machinery like Piesco Hydraulics’ Sugar Roller Mill and is sure to reap the best results for you and your practice.

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Live Loading Installation at Air Cooled Heat Exchanger

Chesterton offers a complete range of gasket materials that provide excellent sealability and superior reliability. Our line of sheet, tape, semi-metallic and metallic gaskets covers a broad range of applications from critical high performance and specialty flange sealing products to general service products suitable for plant-wide use.

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Hole Repair & Coating – Pipe Column Seawater Lift Pump

ARC industrial coatings are engineered to protect metal and concrete surfaces from the damaging effects of abrasion, erosion, and chemical attack. Our Chesterton distribution partners work closely with ARC to deliver ideal solutions for every situation.

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Filtration Pump – Centrifugal Pumps

Standard Chesterton® products portfolio including ARC Industrial Coating are offered only through our distribution partners, strategically located to support the Asia Pacific market. Through our distributors’ network, we work with companies across all major industries to help you achieve higher levels of equipment reliability, efficiency, and compliance. We increase the overall competitiveness of our customers by helping to solve real-world equipment and process issues to reduce their costs and increase their profit margins.

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Pre-Grinder Cylinder: Hydraulic Sealing Case Study in the Philippines

Discover how Piesco Hydraulics and Industrial Corp (official EPS Chesterton distributor based in the Philippines), found the right replacement for rod seals, piston seals, and wiper for a Pre-Grinder Cylinder in a Cement Plant in the Philippines.

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