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Sulfuric Acid Gas plant in Korea

A chemical plant in Korea, which processes sulfuric acid gas using local packaging, had excessive stem corrosion due to severe leaks and applied furmanite as an emergency repair.

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Raw Corn Unloading Chute Avoids Wear with Food-Grade Coating

A raw corn railroad car unloading its chute had severe abrasive wear requiring welding or replacement every 6 to 12 months. Find out how one of our new Chesterton ARC Food Grade industrial coatings product can increase uptime and reduce maintenance downtime for repairs.

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Combi Mixer

Severe abrasion to internals of combi mixer required annual removal of the mixer to maintenance shop where welding repairs were carried out. The goal is to reduce or eliminate requirements to weld repair mixer and carry out any future repairs on site by using an FDA compliant wear-resistant liner.

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AMPS™️ Packing Technology Provides No-Torque Sealing for Difficult to Access Turbines

A hydroelectric station had several old turbines in a difficult location where it was impossible for staff to adjust packing while in operation.

As packing lost compression over time, significant leakage occurred, leading to unplanned and costly shutdowns. The plant’s goal was to have long-term operation with limited leaking.

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DualPac® Packing Eliminates Leakage and Saves Costs in Power Plant

A power plant had two plunger pumps pumping wastewater. The customer faced a lot of problems with leakage with their initial packing, which clearly wasn’t up to scratch. The customer faced extreme leakage and housekeeping issues as a result, and wanted another solution that would shorten the MTBR. Six rings of Chesterton DualPac® 2211 Packing were installed and after eight months, the packing was running without leaks.

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DualPac® Packing Technology Increases MTBR for Mineral Sand Plant

A mineral sand plant had a slurry pump packed with slurry packing. The packing needed to be replaced when the gland follower bottomed out, resulting in excessive leakage at the gland. Packing MTBR is typically two months. The pump was repacked with Chesterton SuperSet™ with SpiralTrac™ environmental controller, and three rings of DualPac® 2211 Packing. According to the customer, the parts were “a win for our plant.”

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Chesterton DualPac® 2211 Packing Extends Life of Pulp and Paper Equipment

A pulp and paper causticizing plant has three double-sided screw conveyors transporting very abrasive lime slurry at 50°C. The stuffing boxes were previously packed with various competitors’ packing products. Leakage usually occurred a few days after installation and the gland needed adjustment. The stuffing boxes were repacked with DualPac 2211 packing which extended packing life.

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720 CCG Delivers ‘Eggcellent’ Lubrication Performance

An egg processing facility was having an issue with load-on gears that squeezed out conventional food-grade grease. The facility wanted to reduce the dripping and contain the contamination that resulted in many rejected runs. With the application of Chesterton® 723 FG Sprasolvo™ Oil and Chesterton® 720 CCG, rejected runs occurred less-often and the plant’s efficiency in meeting its targets improved.

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720 CCG Improves Filling Line Operation and Reduced Product Loss

A food manufacturer was dealing with corrosion on a filling line transmission chain. The lubricant they were using was easily washing off with water and acidic food residue. The lack of lubrication resulted in erratic operation of the conveyor, which caused product spillage. The drive chains were cleaned with Chesterton® 723 FG Sprasolvo™ Oil and then sprayed with Chesterton® 720 CCG.

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720 CCG Improves Production Efficiency and Lowers Costs

In a food manufacturing facility, frequent sanitising washes and use of a water0based process lubricant corroded carbon steel drive chains. The facility wanted to find a solution to reduce maintenance costs, while increasing uptime and chain longevity. Chesterton recommended the new Chesterton 720 Chain, Cable, and Gear Lubricant, which enabled smooth chain operation and easy re-lubrication.

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