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Miniature seals provide low torque performance

A company specializing in medical devices builds swivel systems used for infusion and blood sampling in laboratory research. The system must allow 360° rotation and exhibit low torque. Seals for these swivels must be leak tight, low friction, and miniature. The experts at Chesterton were called in to help find a solution.

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Pulp and paper mill improves reliability and increases productivity

A major pulp and paper mill in Brazil had installed single point lubricator with OEM recommended polyurea grease for electric motor with incorrect viscosity. Due to lack of shear stability of polyurea grease, the bearings frequently overheated and showed signs of grease running out. The maintenance manager called in the experts at Chesterton to help increase pulp pump motor life and reduce bearing replacement frequency.

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Fiberglass manufacturing plant reduces motor bearing failure

A fiberglass manufacturing plant was experiencing short bearing life of the fan motors. They wanted to improve the reliability of the bearings and extend the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of the equipment, so the experts at Chesterton were called in to help provide a solution.

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Cost-saving for tire manufacturer with custom sealing solution

Chesterton® custom-designed sealing solution increases equipment reliability and efficiency for tire manufacturer who was experiencing excessive leakage of centrepost cylinders, causing unplanned maintenance and lost production.

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Chesterton® sealing solution reduces downtime and improves production for global tire manufacturer

Chesterton was challenged by a large global tire manufacturer to help reduce downtime, eliminate scrapped product and improve production of their Banbury® mixers.

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Static sealing upgrade for tire manufacturer

Upgraded hardware and unique sealing solution for our tire manufacturer client, experiencing leakage problems on their pneumatic tire building machine gives significant improvement in equipment performance and extends the life of machinery.

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Resolving erosion to hydroelectric power scroll case and stay vanes with Chesterton® ARC Industrial Coatings

A hydroelectric power plant was suffering severe erosion to stay vanes and scroll case as a result of water transition from laminar to radial flow.

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Cyclone separator life improvement with Chesterton® ARC Industrial Coating

Cyclone separators are used to remove finer dust particles from heavier ALOH4 during the comminution process.  These solids tend to wear the inside of the separators due to the cyclonic nature of the material flow inside the separator.

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Hydrocyclone pump packing life improvement with SpiralTrac® Environmental Controller

Our client’s plant was suffering premature packing failure due to solids embedding along the packing interface with the pump shaft.  This was causing the hydrocyclone to be drained, packing replaced and that section of the plant to be shutdown for 2 hours a week. Find out how Chesterton’s SpiralTrac Environmental Controller provided a cost-effective solution.

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Reactor filters life improvement with Chesterton® ARC Industrial Coating

The reactor filters in the gas (HF, SO2, CO2, C2F4) scrubber plant undergo degradation due to the alumina particles that “grind” the filter walls in a short time due to the cyclonic nature of the solid / gas mixture while passing through the filters at high speeds. Find out how Chesterton ARC Coating helps our client.

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