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Hydropulper Leakage Eliminated by DualPac® 2211 Packing!


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The gland of a recycle hydropulper can’t be adjusted while running, and therefore maintenance requires full shutdown. The packing in use was leaking excessively and required maintenance often, therefore the plant was losing significant resources and time in restarts. Chesterton recommended five rings of DualPac® 2211 Packing be installed, and the customer experienced longer packing life and less shutdowns.

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DualPac 2211


The gland of a recycle hydropulper cannot be adjusted when running because the drive shaft is exposed. The packing is leaking excessively by the time of the next shutdown. The leakage is creating major housekeeping issues and is impacting gear/ bearing life.

The leakage is creating major housekeeping issues.


Five rings of DualPac® 2211 Packing were installed.

Five rings of Packing were installed.


After two months and approaching the next shutdown the leakage is minor. As a result, the customer ordered more DualPac® 2211 Packing sets.

The customer ordered more sets.

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Issued 07/21

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