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Arm Cylinder Upgrade



A major mine owner was experiencing premature failure of the arm cylinder on a Demag excavator leading to unplanned downtime and lost production.

The OEM rubber seals were leaking shortly after installation. Severe leakage led to replacement, on average, after only 48 days.

Upon inspection, the wiper and rod seals were found to be damaged and could not withstand the severe hocking loading this equipment was exposed to.

Demag excavator – Model H485

Demag excavator – Model H485.




Chesterton’s local specialist recommended a cylinder upgrade solution that included a high-performance wiper used in combination with a rod seal and anti-extrusion ring.

  • Chesterton® 21K – Positive-rake profile effectively wipes away contaminants and protects the equipment
  • Chesterton® 22KE – Energized dual component seal for added stability withstands shock loads
  • Chesterton® 9K – Anti-extrusion ring protects seal from extruding while under pressure
  • Chesterton AWC 800 – Thermoset polymer, durable wear, and ultra-violet ray-resistant material
red polymer

21K -150 x 167 x 159 x .9 mm red polymer. 22KE – 150 x 168 x 14,80 mm w/ 9K back up ring.




Improved Performance & Reliability

The Chesterton sealing solution extended the rebuild cycle from 48 days up to 160 days during the evaluation period by the mine.

The sealing solution was specified as the standard offering for all future rebuilds of this equipment based on its performance.

MTBR increased: 3.3x and counting

Arm cylinder was in excellent condition upon inspection

Arm cylinder was in excellent condition upon inspection.


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