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Blow Out in Electrical Power Plant Condenser Resolved with Chesterton® ARC Solutions


Case study AU0014 – Chesterton ARC products – Industrial Coatings

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Severe sea water corrosion was resulting in ‘blow-out’ on the tube face of the electrical power plant condenser. Constantly causing unplanned downtime, the client was searching for another way to better protect their equipment and reduce downtime for maintenance and repairs. Chesterton experts recommended a combination of three Chesterton ARC products, each designed to properly seal and protect against corrosive substances. After application, the titanium tube face showed no further corrosion.

Products featured in the case study:

Chesterton ARC 858.

Chesterton ARC BX2.

Chesterton ARC 855.



Severe sea water corrosion had caused a “blow-out” on the tube face of the electrical power plant condenser; causing unplanned stoppage and maintenance.


The condenser was fabricated from 3 different metals:

1. The shell and divider plates were all made from duplex steel.

2. The tube sheet had a carbon steel backing plate.

3. The front plate of the tube sheet was made from titanium.

The part where the 3 metals came together could not be welded and it was decided that the corners would be sealed off with an industrial silicone. Due to the total failure of the silicone sealer, the carbon steel backing plate severely corroded from the sea water, to the extent that it ‘blew out’ into the body of the condenser, causing total failure and unplanned shutdown.

How ‘blow-out’ occurs in condensers.



Specialized welders were called in to close the holes and accumulate as much metal as possible on the carbon steel. After welding, all surfaces to be coated Chesterton® ARC were blasted to SA 2½, with an angle profile between 75 and 125 microns.


The welders could not reach behind the titanium plate, so Chesterton® ARC 858 was “injected” into the cavities and around the edge of the tube sheets. To ensure the corners were completely sealed, a 20mm border of Chesterton® ARC BX2 was applied over Chesterton® ARC 858. Finally, two layers of 350 microns Chesterton® ARC 855 HT were “sprayed” to ensure total corrosion protection from seawater, which operated at temperatures up to 120 C.

Chesterton ARC 858 application.

Chesterton ARC BX2 application.

Chesterton ARC 855 HT application.


The titanium tube face had shown no corrosion, so no coating was necessary. Finally, the end caps were also coated with 2 coats of Chesterton® ARC 855 HT.

A four year warranty was given to insure them against product and application failure.

Titanium tube face.

Chesterton ARC 855 HT application.

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Case Study AU0014 – Issued 08/21

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