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Case Study for CTS Group – Reciprocating Seals


A double-acting seal capable of reciprocating at speeds of 15 m/secIssue

Develop an ultra-high-speed reciprocating rod seal which is vertically mounted to a comb blade for use on non-woven textile equipment.

Root Cause

Due to inadequate sealing and a very high stroke frequency, microscopic oil film builds up on the rod very quickly, forming oil drops. The excess oil suction system is unable to remove the oil residue fast enough, thus causing oil droplets to drip onto the fibers of the carpets resulting in product rejection.


Design a double-acting seal capable of reciprocating at speeds of 15 m/sec on a 16mm shaft thus prevent oil leakage, reducing equipment downtime, eliminating product waste and improving productivity.


CTS Group contacted Chesterton Customseal for assistanceCTS Group contacted Chesterton Customseal for assistance in designing a double-acting reciprocating seal capable of 15 meters/second. The seals are mounted vertically on a 16mm shaft, with a stroke length of 150mm which equates to 1 million strokes per day in a pressurized system.

The initial Chesterton Customseal® seal design was a double acting double Oring energised PTFE seal. Although the design showed significant improvements, Chesterton Customseal believed further improvements could be achieved. Working collaboratively, CTS Group and Chesterton Customseal further investigated the application and systems. Chesterton Customseal developed and improved on the initial design, by manufacturing a special double-acting spring energised PTFE seal with stainless steel springs achieving zero leakage.


Client Reported

Since the introduction of the new Chesterton Customseal® spring energised seal existing equipment has been upgraded. The new spring energized seal is now a standard for all new builds for this type of application. As a result, international customers in the United Kingdom and the United States have placed new equipment orders.

The new seal design has led to a significant improvement in Maintenance Repair Time (MTR), an increase in productivity and equipment order.


  • Over 30% cost savings using Chesterton Customseal solution
  • Over 12 months leak free operation
  • Zero finished product rejection
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