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Case Study for The Better Drink Company


Flip Flop seals are a low-resistance, liquid-tight seal for use in a valve having a nozzle that telescopes into an axial fluid passage in a valve body.

The low resistance seal is designed to push open the valve controlling the flow of liquid into the filler head to prevent leaking from the filler bowl. The open/close action of the seal and the flexible design had led to the technical term “Flip Flop”.

Root Cause

The Better Drink Company found that the OEM seals were causing immediate leakage right after installation which worsened after time, causing the valves to not function properly leading to product wastage and additional time in sanitising.


To extend the life of flip flops seals which would increase the product yields and prevent wastage.



Chesterton Customseal flip flop sealsTo investigate the issues and possible solutions, Chesterton Customseal (CCS*) collected a sample of the OEM seals and data on the products and operating conditions. After analysing the data and conducting several tests, CCS* were able to create a unique design for The Better Drink Company using FDA-FKM with the addition of a radius.

The new seals were installed and delivered zero leakages for approximately 6 weeks. This was a significant improvement upon the OEM seals which were found to leak from first use and progressively deteriorate.


CCS* successfully created a superior product for The Better Drink Company, which improved Mean Time Between Repair (MTBR), increased productivity and decreased bottle fill rejections.

CCS* is currently working on a new design for The Better Drinks Company with the goal of providing an even better solution to save on the customers production loss and to extend the life of the seal further.


Seals replacement (labour cost) = 1 hour * $100/hr

OEM seal replacement time = 6 months.

  • Immediate leak after installation (quantified lost approx. $0.50/litres * 20 litres/day).

CCS* seal replacement time = 12 months.

  • No trace of leakage

12 months cost saving

OEM (12 months)
Labor cost = $100 (seals replacement at 6 months)
Leakage cost = $2600 (excluding wasted bottles)
Seal replacement cost = $648 (18 seals set)

CCS* (12 months)
Labor cost = $0
Leakage cost = $0
Seal replacement unit cost = $0

Total Cost Savings = $3,348 per year

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