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Case Study for Three Way Pigging Valve in a Chemical Resin plant


Re-sealing of 12-inch 3-way diverted ball valve, in a chemical resin plant. With the OEM no longer supporting seal kits supply, deterioration of the
installed seals resulted in frequent valve failure.

Root Cause
The seals being in poor condition, cause valve fluid dissemination around the stem and ball seat seals.
This issue causes fluid hardening, making the valve inoperative. Maintenance personals are then required to remove the valve from service, strip, bench clean and return to service. The failure occurs every two months.

Provide a new valve seal kit to replace the worn seals, to reduce maintenance intervals, increase productivity, minimise downtime costs and loss of productivity.

Chesterton Customseal three way Pigging Valve


With our customer’s maintenance team under production pressure to bring the refurbished valve back into service, Chesterton Customseal undertook metal components and worn seals measurements which were used to produce a set of drawings to manufacture a new ad-hoc seal kit to the customer.
The replacement valve seal kit, provided by Chesterton Customseal consist of high-performance seals made from FKM and graphite filled PTFE. Since the installation of the new seal kit, the valve has remained maintenance-free for over 2 years.

Three Way Pigging Valve by Chesterton Customseal


Client Reported
Chesterton Customseal has successfully created a replacement valve seal kit for the diverter valves which has significantly improved MTR (Mean Time Between Repair), increasing productivity and reducing maintenance costs.
Before consulting Chesterton Customseal for assistance, the 12-inch 3-way diverter valve had to be removed, cleaned and returned to service every two months. Currently, the valve has been performing and remaining maintenance free for over 2 years.

Labour Cost = $100/h (hour)
Estimated maintenance hours (remove clean and re-install the valve) = 8 hours * 2 maintenance personnel
Downtime costs = 2 maintenance personnel x 8 hours @ $100 p/hour = $1,600
Lost production = 8 hours @ $500/h = $4000
Total costs = $1,600 + $4,000 x 6 (bi-monthly) = $33,600 annually
Total Customer Savings
Seal replacement costs = $3,500 per kit + $1,600 labour = $5,100
Total saving to date = $33,600 x 2.5 years = $67,200 – $5,100 = $78,900.

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