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Chesterton® 601 Lubricant Saves Chain Life in Lumber Mill


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The wood sawing process creates dust, dirt, and adhesive pitch – residue that binds chain and creates abrasive wear. This particular chain was struggling to operate at its full potential, and so Chesterton experts suggested the Chesterton® 601 Chain Drive Pin and Bushing Lubricant, designed to penetrate wire chain to clean debris and dirt from its inner workings. The product was a success, cleaning the chains, saving electricity costs, and creating a safer working environment thanks to the limited oil drips and leaks.

Products featured in the case study:

Chesterton 601 Chain Drive Pin and Bushing Lubricant


The wood sawing process creates dust, dirt, and adhesive pitch-residue that binds chain and creates abrasive wear. The chain was visibly stiff, noisy due to poor lubrication, resulting in high chain wear and increased electrical costs.

Lumber mill chains became stiff due to contamination.


Chesterton® 601 Chain Drive, Pin and Bushing Lubricant penetrates to lubricate and clean the pin/bush inside of the chain. The high detergency of this product prevents build up of wood fibers on the outside.

601 Chain Drive, Pin, and Bushing Lubricant cleans, lubricates, and frees up stiff chains.


Electricity savings: +4%

Chains are clean and chain life is extended.

Improved worker safety and health by stopping petroleum oil from dripping on the floor.

Lower friction reduces energy consumption.

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Case Study – Issued 09/21

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