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Chesterton Connect™ Sensor/Cloud Helps Identify Root Failure Point for Split Case Pump


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One of our university clients was dealing with premature failures within a split case pump. These frequent issues caused more downtime than ideal, and the utilities plant was suffering. Chesterton experts fitted the Chesterton Connect™ to monitor operation and was able to track the problem to a malfunctioning valve. The solution meant the customer could get to the root of the problem quickly and saved $6500 in spare parts.

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Chesterton Connect™ 



The utilities plant at a large university was trying to resolve frequent premature failures with a split case pump. They speculated that an inadequate sealing device was the cause of the problem.

Chesterton Connect™ sensor connected to split case pump.


Two Chesterton Connect™ smart sensors were installed to monitor pump and mechanical seal conditions (vibration, process pressure, and temperature). Within days of being installed, the sensor recorded spikes in vibration and pressure fluctuations in the middle of the night while no one was at the plant.

Upon review of the Chesterton Connect™ Cloud graphed measurements, the incident was tied to a malfunctioning valve. The problem was addressed immediately, allowing the pump to return to normal operating conditions.

Chesterton Connect™ Cloud view of pump’s process pressure.


Using the Chesterton Connect smart sensor and Cloud analytics, the plant was able to identify the specific issue causing the problem. Thanks to Chesterton Connect, the plant saved $6,500 in spare parts alone, not including major savings from avoiding downtime and the associated labor cost.

Utilizing the Chesterton Connect Cloud, a specialist has been watching the trends of other Chesterton Connect sensors installed on equipment throughout the plant, identifying similar issues, and helping the plant avoid other pump failures. Plant leadership is now selecting additional equipment to be monitored with the Chesterton Connect smart sensor.

Chesterton Connect™ Cloud allows you to monitor equipment from your desktop.

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