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Chesterton DualPac® 2212 Packing Technology the Versatile Option for Paper Mill


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A specialist customer needed a strong and versatile packing option to manage a large shutdown at a paper mill. With various applications needing assistance (centrifugal pumps, fan pumps, etc.), they needed an option that could operate under multiple conditions. DualPac® 2212 Packing Technology was installed and has been operating without issues since!

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A specialist in Europe needed to supply packing for a large shutdown at a paper mill. There were various applications to seal including centrifugal pumps, fan pumps, and agitators. The fluid being sealed is raw water with a high percentage (1.5%) of paper stock solids. The challenges with sealing abrasive media are the short life of packing and fast sleeve wear.

The pumps need versatile packing.

The pumps need versatile packing.


The specialist installed DualPac® 2212 Packing Technology on most applications and some combinations of the 2212 and SpiralTrac™ environmental controller on other applications.

DualPac® 2212 Packing Technology

DualPac 2212 Packing.


Applications with DualPac® 2212 Packing Technology were installed during the shutdown and have been running without issues for six months. Installations were all positive with easy start-up and smooth break-in of packing.

Applications with DualPac® 2212 Packing Technology

Installed DualPac2212.

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