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Chesterton Protects Fertiliser Scrubber Fans at Granulating Plant


Case study AU0008 – Chesterton ARC products – Industrial Coatings

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A build up of fertiliser within scrubber fans was causing the fans to vibrate and become imbalanced. This problem required a shutdown every two weeks so the fans could be cleaned and operation could resume as normal. It was the clients goal to reduce the need for maintenance and downtime costs. Chesterton suggested the Chesterton® ARC SD4i  Ceramic Coating to improve the surface. The client was extremely happy with the results and purchased the coating for other scrubber fans within their plant.

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Chesterton ARC SD4i.



Build up of fertiliser causing fans to vibrate and become imbalanced. This required a shutdown every two weeks for the fans to be sandblasted to remove the build up. Approximately one tonne of garnet was used in this process.

Root Cause

Wet fertiliser sticks to the fans, causing them to become imbalanced. This results in the equipment constantly needing to be shut down and the fans requiring cleaning by abrasive blasting.


Reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

Fan before Chesterton intervention.


Our Australian distributor for Industrial and Protective Coating, Imatech, suggested that the fans be coated with Chesterton® ARC SD4i ceramic composite coating, which provides a glossy finish with superior abrasion resistance.

ARC SD4i industrial coating is designed to:

  • Protect against corrosion and erosion
  • Provide extended protection in aggressive chemical immersion services
  • Apply by brush, roller, airless or plural component spraying

Chesterton ARC SD4i.


Client Reported

The fans were lined with Chesterton® ARC SD4i ceramic composite coating, providing a high gloss finish with superior abrasion resistance. The fans now remain unaffected for a period of approximately 4 months and can be cleaned using low pressure water only.

Based on the success of ARC SD4i the customer decided to trial various other, competitor lining systems. The customer found that none, apart from Chesterton’s coating, managed to last very long due to the abrasive nature of the fertiliser. The plant now specifies that all scrubber fans are lined with Chesterton composites.

Fan after Chesterton intervention.

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Case Study AU0008 – Issued 08/21

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