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Cleaning of Lube – Oil Cooler Plates to Remove Build Up


SKL Maintenance Systems Corporation case study APAC0017 – Chesterton products – Chesterton Industrial Lubricants




Lube-oil plates are almost always exposed to harsh chemicals and environments when applied in the marine industry. An extreme build-up of carbon and scale deposits can occur and cause efficiency issues with the potential of halting activity completely. Solvents such as Chesterton® 346 Descaler and Chemical Cleaner and Chesterton® 803 Industrial and Marine Solvent II are the perfect solutions for breaking down build-up and getting your lube-oil plates back up to standard and in tip-top shape with no worries.

Products featured in the case study:

Chesterton 346 Descaler and Chemical Cleaner

Chesterton 803 Industrial and Marine Solvent II


During maintenance, problems were encountered when checking lube-oil cooler plates with the following concerns:

  • Extreme carbon and scale deposits
  • Toxic odor of chemical during cleaning which results also in damaging the plates

Heavy carbon deposits on lube-oil plate


A combination of two Chesterton® products were prescribed and together formed the perfect, unique solution for the client’s concerns.

Chesterton 346 Descaler and Chemical Cleaner was used to remove heavy scales. It has a special inhibitor to prevent any possible attack on base metal surfaces.

Chesterton 803 Industrial and Marine Solvent II was applied to remove carbon deposits.

Chesterton 803 IMS II can be applied on a wide range of surfaces with great success


Increased Reliability

Lube-oil cooler plates were restored without any damage on the metal of the cooler plate. The process saved the client from having to buy new plates, therefore saving money in the long run.

Restored and protected cooler plate


The client saved $12,000USD from this project, thanks to a minimised downtime and quick and easy service.

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Chesterton® is a world leader in helping process industry companies and manufacturers improve the reliability and efficiency of their rotating, stationary, and fluid power equipment platforms. We are known across a wide range of industries for our award-winning pump and valve sealing solutions, applications expertise, equipment maintenance and wear-prevention products, and knowledgeable hands-on local service​.

Mentioned in the case study:

SKL Maintenance Systems Corporation
Exclusive Distributor of Chesterton products – Philippines

® Registered trademark owned by A.W. Chesterton Company
Case Number APAC0017 – Issued 09/20

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