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Cost-saving for tire manufacturer with custom sealing solution


A prominent tire manufacturer was experiencing excessive leakage of the centrepost cylinders on their Krupp vulcanizer tire equipment, causing loss of pressure, unplanned maintenance, and lost production.

The OEM seals, made from PTFE, began to leak soon after start-up and had to be replaced on average after 5 months due to excessive leakage.

  • 305 mm (12 inch stroke), 6 cycles/hour

Products featured in this case study:

Chesterton® custom spring-energized seal – the ideal choice in a wide variety of critical industrial equipment and applications.

Chesterton seal jackets can be made from a range of polymers, depending on the requirements of the application.

Chesterton seal springs are fabricated using high-performance, corrosion-resistant metals and alloys based on the application temperatures and chemical requirements.



Chesterton engineers designed a custom spring energized seal solution as an upgrade for sealing both steam and water.

  • Temperature – 50°to 195° C (122°to 383° F)
  • Pressure – up to 150 bar (580 psi)
  • Seal Jacket – made from a durable, heat resistant AWC 400/carbon, and graphite filled PTFE able to withstand operating environment
  • Spring – 303 high performance stainless steel, cantilever design, provides optimal load to sealing jacket to maximize performance

The 3-inch (~76 mm) centrepost mechanism in operation.

Custom spring-energized sealing solution.

Equipment in operation with new engineered sealing solution.


Improved Performance & Reliability

  • The Chesterton sealing solution was able to increase reliability and equipment efficiency of the centrepost cylinders
  • The solution extended the repair cycle from 5 months previously up to 30 months before replacement was required
  • Additional savings were realized for gains in maintenance and production

MTBR Increased: 6X

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