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Crane Hoist Wire and Rope Lubrication on Marine Terminal Equipment


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Materials exposed to intense conditions, in this case, corrosive salt air and airborne sand, can often dry out, trap dirt, and fail to prevent corrosion resulting in increased downtime and necessary replacements. Chesterton® 601 and Chesterton 715 Spraflex® Gold, work in tandem to create the ideal level of lubrication and protection for wire ropes. The combination helps keep ropes clean and lubricated so work can run as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Products featured in the case study:

Chain Drive Pin and Bushing Lubricant

715 Spraflex® Gold


Marine terminals depend on wire ropes for loading/unloading ships. The wire ropes in this study were subjected to very corrosive salt air and airborne sand, reducing their ability to perform reliably. The customer was looking for a lubrication system to reduce the build-up of dirt and give better corrosion protection with the goal of extending the life of materials and keeping them in clean, working order.

Crane cables lubricants dry out, trap dirt and fail to prevent corrosion after 12 months


The customer decided to make a side by side trial on 2 cables on the same Gottwald crane. On one set of wire ropes the current system was used, on the other Chesterton recommended Chesterton® 601 and 715 Spraflex® Gold. The Chesterton 1, 2 system was designed to cleans, penetrating into the rope and cleaning away excess sand and debris, and seals the rope off from further damage by the elements..

A side by side trail with OEM Lubricant proves the value of Chesterton

After 4 months, the comparison revealed that the Chesterton 1,2 System was preventing corrosion and removing “build-up” compared to the OEM spec’d lubricant.


The Chesterton 1, 2 System of the Chesterton® 601 Chain Drive, Pin and Bushing Lubricant and 715 Spraflex® Gold has maintained the wire rope for 12 months with no signs of wear, build-up or corrosion.

Based on the excellent results, the customer decided to lubricate all 6 Gantry Crane wire ropes, each being 500 m, (1650 ft.) total with 601 +715 Gold.

Clean, Lubricated and Protected with Chesterton 601 and 715 Gold

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Case Number APAC0011 – Issued 09/20

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