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Drilling Rig Upgrade



Customer required a quick turnaround on a rebuild of a long stroke cylinder but could not source the packing kits in a timely fashion. The equipment was sitting idle and production was down.

Root Cause

Cylinder operates in a tough and rugged environment, and is impacted by significant side and shock loading that leads to premature failure.


Provide a turn-key kit for ease of use by maintenance that extends maintenance interval >6 months.

Drilling rig with long stroke cylinders

Drilling rig with long stroke cylinders




Chesterton developed a custom sealing kit within the client’s timeframe to get the machine back online as soon as possible.

  • In-field experience and engineering know-how quickly identified application solution
  • Proprietary thermoset seal material is able to withstand these extreme conditions
  • Turn-key kit provided all components in one box with no need to source individual components.
  • Easy to install by maintenance


Improved Performance & Reliability

  • Customer was able to quickly rebuild the cylinder and put the drill back in service
  • Top quality seals and components provided increased reliability
  • Repair has been in place for nearly 1 year, which has exceeded customer expectations

MTBR improvements: 1.5X and counting

Custom rebuild kit made from proprietary seal material

Custom rebuild kit made from proprietary seal material


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