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DualPac® 2211 Achieves 25-Day Record in Fertiliser Process


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A company overseeing fertiliser mineral manufacturing was struggling with maintaining packing life, their original material lasting only three days. Dealing with abrasive gypsum slurry, they need a packing that could hold up against any test. Chesterton experts installed the DualPac® 2211 Packing and saved the day!

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A close up shot of the braided DualPac® 2211 Packing

DualPac 2211


Existing packing lasted only three days due to abrasive gypsum slurry in a fertiliser mineral manufacturing process. The shaft required replacement every few days. The existing packing failed due to a loss of compression, which allowed the gypsum mineral to enter the stuffing box, fret the shaft, damage the packing, and cause uncontrollable leakage. The goal was to achieve 15 days of continuous service to support plant cycle.

A photo of the original worn shaft and broken seal

The original packing lasted three days.


The distributor installed five rings of DualPac® 2211 Packing.

The new Chesterton seal installed

Five-ring installation.


The client reported over 25 days of continuous service versus three days with previous packing.

Sleeve Savings: $350 US ($450 AUD)/month

Machining Savings: $280 US ($360 AUD)/month

Labor Savings: $1,000 US ($1300 AUD)/month

Product Savings: $4,200 US ($5400 AUD)/month

Less Packing Cost: $270 US ($350 AUD)/month

Total Net Savings: $5,600 US ($7200 AUD)/month

An external view of the shaft

External shaft view.

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Issued 06/21

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