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DualPac® 2211 Outlasts the Competition in Gold Mine


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A gold mine was sealing a cyanide pulp with their original packing lasting only three-to-five days before adjustments had to be made. This lead to product leakage and sleeve damage. Chesterton experts installed rings of Chesterton DualPac® Packing Technology in an attempt to achieve the desired 14 days of continuous operation.

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DualPac® 2211 Used in the Gold Mine

DualPac 2211


A gold mine sealing a cyanide pulp with 60% solids was having severe issues. The previous packing was lasting only three-to-five days and required constant adjustments. Existing packing was consolidating and wear was causing loss of compression. This resulted in product leakage which, in turn, caused dramatic sleeve damage. The customer’s goal was to achieve 14 days on continuous service.

The previous packing was lasting only three-to-five days

Before Chesterton intervention.


Four rings of DualPac® 2211 packing were installed in four pumps. DualPac® 2211 packing is ideal for this application since it uses a proprietary braiding technology to combine para-aramid and ePTFE in a way that will resist solids abrasion while achieving a tight seal with fewer adjustments.

Four rings of DualPac® 2211 packing were installed

Chesterton products installed.


The average MTBF of packing increased to 25-35 days and failure was often equipment related (plugged flush line, worn-out metallic components).

MTBF increased 5 – 11 x

Customer Saved

$798 US ($1050 AUD)/month in packing

$1167 US ($1500 AUD)/month in sleeves

Total Net Savings

$1965 US ($2500 AUD)/month

$23580 US ($30445.84 AUD)/year

Plant working fine after Chesterton intervention

After Chesterton intervention.

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