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A customer working from a gold mine was experiencing constant leaks with their original packing of choice. Needing replacement every two-to-three weeks, the customer was looking to remove this packing and install a more durable option in its place. DualPac® 2211 Packing was installed after tests and training modules to much greater success!

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A close up shot of the braided DualPac® 2211 Packing

DualPac 2211


A gold mine in Argentina has pumps that handle handling mineral pulp with cyanurate solution for gold extraction. The pumps were packed with standard packing and had constant leaks. This required repacking every two-to-three weeks. The customer was looking to increase the mean time between failure (MTBF) and reduce his maintenance costs.

The pump had constant leaks

The pump needed a packing upgrade.



DualPac® 2211 Packing was installed. A test scheme was implemented in two pairs of pumps, making improvements in the installation, settlement and washing for better sealing.

In addition, a training course was offered for the installation of packing. The customer was trained on the relaxation of packing and how to monitor and retighten the gland follower. Improvements were made in the flush water supply by recommending new flush water piping to improve the quality of the flush water.

DualPac 2211 Packing.

DualPac 2211 Technology


The MTBR was increased from two-to-three weeks to six-eight weeks. The plant was considerably cleaner and safer due to reduced leakage.

The plant is cleaner and safer now.

The plant was considerably cleaner and safer.

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