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DualPac®2211 Replaces Destroyed Sealing in Centrifugal Pump


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A paper plant in Europe was struggling with centrifugal pump packing being destroyed by plastics and small metal parts. The destroyed packing was a common, heat-resistant fibre that resisted burning for only eight weeks. Chesterton replaced the destroyed product with DualPac® 2211 Packing with great success.

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DualPac 2211


A paper plant in Europe had issues with three centrifugal pumps handling recycled paper stock. The challenge was that the recycled stock was not separated from plastics or small metal parts. The customer tried many other sealing solutions including a competing pump packing which was destroyed in a few weeks. A competitor’s common heat-resistant and strong synthetic fiber packing burned in eight weeks.

Centrifugal pumps need proper packing and sealing.


The pump was repacked with DualPac® 2211 Packing during a brief shutdown.

DualPac 2211


The DualPac 2211 packing has been installed successfully for eight plus months with minimal shaft wear. To avoid additional downtime, the customer installed DualPac packing on other equipment in the plant due to this success.

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Issued 06/21

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