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Gearbox Reliability Increases Savings by $66K Over Eight Years


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The cold water discharge valve at a sugar mill failed due to lack of lubrication in the gearbox. Chesterton recommended three of their industrial lubricant products to work in tandem to create the perfect unique solution. Chesterton 723 Sprasolvo® was applied, along with Chesterton® 651 Lubricating Oil and Chesterton® 615 HTG #1, and the results speak for themselves. The machinery ran smoothly for eight years, and saved the company a large loss in labor and downtime costs.

Products featured in the case study:

Chesterton 723™ Sprasolvo®.

Chesterton 651 Detergent Lubricating Oil.

Chesterton 615 HTG: High-Temperature Grease.


The cold water discharge valve at a sugar mill failed due to lack of lubrication in the gearbox. Hardened grease seized the gears, resulting in significant downtime and labor costs. Conventional lithium grease oxidised and hardened. The valve could not be actuated since the drive motors ‘tripper out’ due to overload caused by gearbox seizure.

Seized butterfly volute due to gearbox failure.



Chesterton 723 Sprasolvo® was applied into the gearbox. This fast-acting, penetrating oil has an excellent capillary action that quickly loosens seized, rusted parts.

The old grease was removed by scraping and a final cleaning with Chesterton 651 Detergent Lubricating Oil.

To prevent future seizures, Chesterton 615 HTG #1 was applied to provide adequate lubrication to the gearbox.

The products softened old grease to free up the gear.


615 HTG #1 did not thin out, separate, or form hardened deposits. The actuator gearbox has remained trouble free for eight years.

This reliability amounts to a savings of $66,000  in labor and downtime cost over that time period.

The High Temperature Grease can be used to manual and motor drive gearboxes.

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Case Study – Issued 09/21

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