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Horizontal Extrusion Press



A plant that extrudes special alloy for the steel industry was experiencing severe leakage of the main ram on the extrusion press. The OEM stacked rubber set had to be replaced twice a year with maintenance, lost production, and environmental impact.

Root Cause

The main ram had severe scores and poor bearing support that led to seal extrusion and premature failure.

1800-ton extrusion press

1800-ton extrusion press close up view. Insert: Ram damage.



Products & Material

Chesterton® 11K stacked rod set used with a replaceable Chesterton® 17K bearing strip.

  • Chesterton® 11K: Split stacked set is easy to install and requires no shimming or adjustments.
  • Chesterton® AWC 800 thermoset seal material is wear resistance is able to withstand minor scoring.
  • Chesterton® 17K: replaceable bearing strip made from composite reinforced fibers, provides bearing support, eliminates metal to metal contact and helps prolong equipment life.
Chesterton 11K product

Chesterton 11K product shown with Chesterton 17K replaceable bearing bands.



Improved Performance & Reliability

  • Enabled the customer to maintain production and meet planned plant schedules while virtually eliminating leakage of the damaged ram.
  • After 3 years and running, the seals are still in operation. The leakage was minimized from 2,000 liters down to 30 liters during this period.
  • Savings exceeded €50,000 (maintenance, operations, and oil loss).


Chesterton 11K set installed

Chesterton 11K set installed in horizontal extrusion press.


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