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Improve Leaking Ram with 11K Split Seal



A large manufacturer of expansion tanks made in the USA was experiencing continuous weeping on a 150-ton steel drawing press used to pinch the trim on the steel tanks.

A previous upgrade used a u-cup design and although leakage was improved, the customer was interested in further improved performance and consistency.

  • Ram Size: 13.250″ x 14.125″ (~336 x 358mm)
150 ton press

Image of actual 150 ton press




The Chesterton Sealing Specialist recommended an upgrade from a single u-cup seal design to the patented Chesterton® 11K Split
Seal (13.250″ x 14.125″ x 1.250″). The 11K set enables the flexibility to use two different materials, AWC800/AWC825 —an ideal combination for use in slightly worn equipment.

The primary sealer ring is made from Chesterton’s new low durometer AWC825 material that has the necessary properties to conform to surface irregularities and create a positive seal.

Top ring - AWC800

Top ring – AWC800, bottom ring – AWC825



Client reported that seepage has been eliminated, and they are extremely satisfied with the performance on the cylinder.

Equipment is still operating leak-free after 6 months and counting. As a result, additional savings have been realized in both maintenance and operations.

There are reported plans to upgrade additional equipment throughout the plant due to the positive results.


Similar sized 11K set shown in AWC800/AWC825 material combination


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