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Matrix Seal Stops Heavy Leaks from Bearing Housing – Extends Reliability


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Chesterton’s rotary seals possess the innovative split design which eliminates the need for equipment disassembly and minimizes equipment downtime to ensure optimal continuous operation of critical equipment. These can be used with pumps, gearboxes, and other rotating equipment.

Products featured in the case study:



Refurbishing one of the pumps

A large flood remediation station was preparing for hurricane season. They were refurbishing all large water pumps in preparation.

The initial seals installed were oversized and leaked excessive amounts of lubricant from the bearing housing. The machines were too large to dismantle and install new unsplit seals in time for potential flooding.  Shafts were refurbished and in good condition.



Matrix Seals were installed on both ends of the bearing housing

Two different size Chesterton® Rotary Matrix Seals were installed on both ends of the bearing housing. This seal is a unitized design combining polymer sealing and packing for highly reliable sealing, minimal leakage, bearing protection, and improved shaft life.


Client Reported

Matrix Seal -9.500″ diameter seal installed

Chesterton® Matrix Rotary Seals are exceptionally simple to install, taking less than 10 minutes each to install and test. The seals are currently installed on two machines.

  • The facility reported that the Matrix Seals installed have operated leak-free since installation – over seven months!
  • No visible shaft wear to date!
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