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Matrix Seal Success in Coal Mining



The plant’s conveyor equipment leaked excessively

  • A client experienced continuous oil leaks after startup on a conveyor gearbox.
  • Contamination was entering the bearing housing, resulting in frequent seal changes and considerable downtime costs.
  • The seals lasted only four weeks.




Chesterton Matrix Rotary Seal combines two materials for exceptional performance

A Chesterton representative installed two Chesterton Matrix Rotary Seals:

  • One faced the bearing to seal lubrication.
  • The other faced the retainer ring to prevent outside contamination from entering the bearing housing.
  • Both seals were installed rapidly without the need for disassembly of equipment, thereby minimizing downtime.


Client Reported

The Matrix Seal installation is very simple and fast

  • MTBR increased to 18 months, 12X the previous method with zero leakage!
  • Matrix Seals offer an excellent solution for long-term bearing protection.
  • With the split seal design, the Matrix Seal can be installed in minutes, delivering significant savings on critical downtime!
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