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Matrix Split Seal Saves Oil and Stops Leakage in Steel Mill Gearboxes



Rubber lip Seals were causing shaft wear

  • A steel mill had significantly worn out shafts with the gearboxes on the “repeater” of the wire mill. The wear was caused by running various rubber-style lip seals.
  • Gearboxes were leaking oil consistently upon startup after a new competitor seal was installed. This progressively worsened causing significant oil/grease loss and major housekeeping issues.



Chesterton® Matrix Rotary Seal will adjust to the shaft axis to avoid wear

Replaced competitor’s seal with the Chesterton® Matrix Rotary Seal, a split polymer seal that can be installed in minutes minimized critical downtime.

  • A unitized design.
  • Advanced polymer combined with impregnated synthetic fiber packing technology to maximize performance.
  • Positively seals out bearing contamination while keeping lubrication in.
  • Withstands large runout conditions and vibration.

Client Reported

Leak-free performance saved over $177K in oil in six months

  • The Chesterton® Matrix Rotary Seals running leak-free since installation (over six months).
  • Piping improvements and the Matrix Seals have resulted in a drastic oil consumption reduction from nine truck tankers to three each year.
  • An an ROI study revealed $177,500 in net oil savings in six months.
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