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Multi-National Food Producer Chooses 650 AML to Enhance Filling Operations


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In food manufacturing, often containers are filled with multiple filling heads that use air to open and close the filling tube. This was the case for this client, who, due to frequent washing, discovered their machinery was allowing water to pass into the cylinder, causing corrosion and processing delays. Chesterton 650 AML has water absorption capabilities, and was therefore recommended by Chesterton experts with 12+ weeks of success!

Products featured in the case study:

Chesterton 650 AML


At a food manufacturing plant, containers are filled using equipment with multiple filling heads that use an air cylinder to open and close filling tube valve.

Multiple filling heads must deliver a precise quantity of product into the container. Cylinder lag time causes variance in fill weights.

Due to frequent washings, water was able to get past cylinder wipers into the cylinder. This resulted in corrosion and gum formation that caused actuation delays.

High speed filling line.


A local representative recommended  Chesterton 650 Advanced Machinery Lubricant, a pneumatic lubricant for its water absorption capabilities. Its excellent emulsification characteristics can absorb water in the pneumatic systems, avoiding corrosion and residue formation.

The in-line lubrication system was cleaned of the old white oil, and water was drained from filters. 650 AML was filled in the top oil bowl of the pneumatic lubrication system.

650 AML was simply added into the in-line oiler.


The client experienced many benefits with this lubricant, including:

  • The 650 AML has been in operation for 12+ weeks without any issues.
  • Actuators have been working flawlessly and no line stoppage has been observed.
  • Solenoid valves did not need any repair or replacement.
  • Fill weights and final packaging specs have been accurate.

Enhanced reliability with 650 AML insures a smooth operation.

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Case Number EN350978 – Issued 01/21

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