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Cleaning and Lubricant Reliability in Electrical System Breaker

In all businesses and organisations, electrical systems will make or break operations. When such systems show signs of damage it’s nearly impossible for a business to work to its full capacity, therefore it is vital that wires and cables are protected. That’s where Chesterton® products like the 296 Electro-Contact Cleaner and the 601 Chain Drive Pin and Bushing Lubricant come in.

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Lubrication Solutions for Stiff Chains and Wire Rope in Crane Machinery

Chesterton® 601 Chain Drive Pin and Bushing Lubricant and Chesterton® 715 Spraflex are just two of Chesterton’s many lubricant options for wire rope and chains. Capable of removing residual dirt and limiting stress from metal-to-metal contact, this unique combination of products is the perfect solution.

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Cleaning Solution for Electrical Insulators

This particular plant’s had a daily shutdown cost of approximately $330,000USD, so damage and downtime is detrimental to the finances of the plant. Thanks to Chesterton’s combination of Chesterton® 346 Descaler and Chemical Cleaner, Chesterton® 803 Industrial and Marine Solvent II, and Chesterton® 775 Moisture Shield, the client was able to get back to work quickly and easily!

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Solution for Cleaning Reliability in World’s Largest Sugar Mill

Sugar mills work hard to produce refined sugar for cooking and eating purpose and cannot be slowed down by problematic material and seal issues. This client faced difficulty when using a local contact cleaner lead to damage of machine components and health hazards for staff. With Chesterton® 296 Electro Contact Cleaner, the client was successfully able to remove dust, dirt, and light ​oils from precision electrical components.

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Improved Solution for Lubrication Reliability of Locomotive Bearings

Locomotive machinery is used in many industries, and when utilised on mining sites, can be exposed to extreme levels of heat from varying friction due to heavy loads and bearing failure. Chesterton® 615 High Temperature Grease is the perfect product for such a problem. Not only does it perform well in high temperatures, but it possesses corrosion resistance characteristics to aid in maintenance and keeping the machinery up and running.

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Improvement of Lubrication Solution on Automatic Storage and Retrieval System Crane

An ordinary grease was previously used for lubrication of this crane. Chesterton employees suggested two products to provide both internal and external lubrication to improve work efficiency, increase material life, and reduce downtime for repairs.

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Case Study: Repair of Leaking Water Sluice Valves at Bukit Layong

The Chesterton CMS 2000 injectable pump sealant is an environmentally friendly seal that operates with minimal to no leakage. With its flushless stuffing leakage control made of high-purity, reinforced fibre, this sealant creates a solid, composite ring that has no leak paths. The injectable formula is the perfect solution for stopping ongoing leakage issues and keeps pump areas dry and ready for use.

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Case Study: Chesterton DualPac® Technology in Fan Pump

Selecting the correct packing for your application has always been a balancing act between different materials. Chesterton DualPac® 2211 is built to combine the two best and complimentary materials in one packing. In combination with a high strength and resiliency aramid, the solution will resist consolidation without shaft wear, providing the results our customers are seeking.

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Gaskets Case Study: Live Loading Installation on Regen Gas Heater

The customer experienced frequent leakage from the front and rear channel heads on two heat exchangers, specifically during startup and shutdown cycles. Chesterton proposed a solution in April 2018 and all leakage issues were eliminated creating a risk-free environment.

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Gaskets Case Study: Live Loading on Heat Exchanger

A Malaysian bitumen plant faced frequent hydrocarbon leaks from shell and the tube heat exchangers throughout the plant. The solution was the installation of Chesterton® 5505H Live Loading Springs, which ensured no leakage events through start up and production cyclic processes.

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