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Main Cylinder Upgrade – Chesterton Fluid Power Equipment Sealing Solutions

Chesterton was challenged by a large global tire manufacturer to help reduce downtime, eliminate scrapped product and improve production of their Banbury® mixers. Chesterton recommended a complete sealing solution during cylinder rebuild which included replacement of the wiper, rod seal, and piston seal, and the solution had a significant impact on production.

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Case Study for CTS Group – Reciprocating Seals

CTS Group contacted Chesterton Customseal for assistance in designing a double-acting reciprocating seal capable of 15 meters/second. The seals are mounted vertically on a 16mm shaft, with a stroke length of 150mm which equates to 1 million strokes per day in a pressurized system.

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Replacement of OEM Hydraulic Seals in Large Recycling Press

A commonly used model of a recycling shear press at a West Australian recycling plant was experiencing leakage from the gland seals within only three months after resealing with OEM rag and rubber v-sets. The Chesterton team worked very closely with repairers throughout the stripping and rebuilding process to ensure we offered the best possible solution.

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Case Study for The Better Drink Company

Chesterton Custom Seals successfully created a superior product for The Better Drink Company, which improved Mean Time Between Repair (MTBR), increased productivity and decreased bottle fill rejections. The new seals were installed and delivered zero leakages for approximately 6 weeks. This was a significant improvement upon the OEM seals which were found to leak from first use and progressively deteriorate.

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Improve Reliability–Truck Shock Absorber

A large surface copper mine experienced pre-mature seal failure on the suspension cylinders of heavy-duty, off-road haul trucks. The local Chesterton specialist recommended a cylinder upgrade solution–a complete system with high-performance components. The mine experienced immediate cost saving by using existing metallic components for upgrade of the cylinders.

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Extend Life of BWE Cylinders

A continuous surface lignite mine was facing issues with boom lowering hydraulic cylinders of compact type bucket-wheel excavator. The Chesterton team developed a seal system that was installed during a planned overhaul, including Chesterton® 5K Wiper, 10K Rod Seal, 10K Piston Seals, and replaceable 19K Bearing Bands.

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Improve Reliability: Hydraulic Excavator

A large surface copper mine experienced premature seal and cylinder failure on the stick cylinders of a large mining excavator. The Chesterton specialist recommended a cylinder upgrade solution in co-operation with a local cylinder repair workshop. The new seals lasted 9,000 to 13,000 hours of continuous operation in comparison to 4,000 hours with the original seal.

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Improved MTBM for Excavator

A continuous surface lignite mine was experiencing severe leakage of worn, scored vertical and horizontal leg cylinders in the walking units of a bucket-wheel excavator (BWE). Chesterton’s local specialist recommended a cylinder upgrade solution with the ability for on-site installation, reducing mean time to repair. Results included an improved performance and reliability, and
postponed the capital repair of large diameter, heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders.

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Upgrading Scored Slide Cylinder

A major steel mill in located in Japan was experiencing piston failure every four months on a very old and badly scored die slide cylinder located on a hot extrusion press. The Chesterton sealing solution included a standoff ring for enhanced stability when exposed to side loading and or vacuuming conditions, and was proven to outperform the competitive product and eliminate leakage issues.

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Improve Leaking Ram with 11K Split Seal

A large manufacturer of expansion tanks made in the USA was experiencing continuous weeping on a 150-ton steel drawing press used to pinch the trim on the steel tanks. With Chesterton’s recommended upgrades, the equipment is still operating leak-free after 6 months and counting. As a result, additional savings have been realized in both maintenance and operations.

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