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D11R Bulldozer Cylinders

One of the largest coal mines in the world was experiencing premature failures of the tilt and lift cylinders used on their Caterpillar® D11R bulldozer. Chesterton’s custom seal kits were installed, far exceeding the warranty period of 4,000 hours and were not replaced until 9,000 hours of continuous operation.

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SAW Longitudinal Press

A leading global manufacturer and supplier of large steel tubular products used in specialized industrial applications (line pipe) was having performance issues with their longitudinal press. Chesterton recommended a unique stacked set sealing solution made from its world renowned durable, high-performance AWC 800 polymer, which preformed admirably, extending the maintenance cycle to 24 months between rebuilds.

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Arm Cylinder Upgrade

A major mine owner was experiencing premature failure of the arm cylinder on a Demag excavator leading to unplanned downtime and lost production. Chesterton’s local specialist recommended a cylinder upgrade solution that included a high-performance wiper used in combination with a rod seal and anti-extrusion ring.

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Drilling Rig Upgrade

Customer required a quick turnaround on a rebuild of a long stroke cylinder but could not source the packing kits in a timely fashion. The equipment was sitting idle and production was down. With Chesterton’s recommendations, the customer was able to quickly rebuild the cylinder and put the drill back in service.

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Optimize Equipment Availability

A coal mine experienced premature seal failure on hydraulic boom cylinders, which required unscheduled downtime to repair and environmental concerns due to leakage. Chesterton designed a solution to optimize equipment availability, reduce downtime and improve production, extend hours of operation and satisfy warrant terms, and provide a leak-free operation addressing environmental concerns.

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Horizontal Extrusion Press

A plant that extrudes special alloy for the steel industry was experiencing severe leakage of the main ram on the extrusion press. Chesterton’s stacked rod set and bearing strip enabled the customer to maintain production and meet planned plant schedules while virtually eliminating leakage of the damaged ram.

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Rolled Steel – Pinch Roll Vices

A prominent steel mill was experiencing performance issues associated with their hydraulic pinch roll vices, causing unplanned maintenance and lost production. Chesterton replaced 10 seals which have been operating leak-free for 4 ½ and counting. This solution has eliminated leakage and quality issues of the vices, as well lost profits associated with scrapped product.

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Main Cylinder Upgrade

Chesterton was challenged by a large global tire manufacturer to help reduce downtime, eliminate scrapped product and improve production of their Banbury® mixers. The Chesterton sealing solution had a significant impact on production, including improving average cycle time, production volume, and a 10x increase in mean time between repair.

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Servo Motor Cylinder Upgrade

Servo motor cylinders at a hydropower plant were leaking–leading to inconsistent performance, unplanned maintenance, and environmental concerns. The Chesterton sealing solution extended the rebuild cycle from 2 years to 5 years and eliminated environmental and safety concerns while improving equipment efficiencies.

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Digester Agitator

An Eimix® mechanical sludge mixer for a wastewater treatment plant had repeated bearing failure due to poor bearing sealing, water contamination of the bearing housing, and subsequent grease washout. After Chesterton’s intervention, the company saved $27,250 annually and had a 300% longer bearing life.

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