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Chesterton® PLS Fits Petro Chemical Air Fin Gearbox Oil Seal

The input shaft of a gearbox was suffering from frictional corrosion (fretting) causing oil leakage which needed frequent repairs. With the elevated position of the gearbox, it is difficult and expensive to repair and replace elements within, and so our client was looking for a solution to stop the fretting at its root. The Chesterton® PLS (Polymer Labyrinth Seal) was suggested and has provided long lasting results for over five years.

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Chesterton® 11K Rod Seal Eliminates Cylinder Leakage in Rubber Crawler Manufacturing

A Japanese client working in the rubber manufacturing industry was experiencing consistent damage to his lip seal thanks to a scratched cylinder ram. Their goal was to eliminate leakage and reduce the frequency of seal replacement. Their current rate of replacement was every six months, and they found this was not sustainable. Chesterton suggested the Chesterton® 11K Rod Seal.

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Chesterton® PLS Prevents Shaft Wear in Pulp and Paper Industry

This customer in the pulp and paper industry was forced to disassemble their pump regularly to replace the shaft and seal, both damaged due to shaft fretting. Their wanted to prevent this wear by using a new, innovative solution, and Chesterton recommended the Chesterton® PLS (Polymer Labyrinth Seal), made from our  patented AWC800 Material.

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Chesterton® 11K Rod Seal Gets the Job Done in Steel Mill

A client working in a steel mill was dealing with a plunger pump experiencing frequent leakage caused by an unbalanced load. Their solution had to be resistant to high temperatures, therefore reducing downtime for repairs and replacement. Chesterton suggested a solution created with the Chesterton® 11K Rod Seal and Chesterton® 19K Split Wear Rings, and the replacement cycle has now extended.

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The Chesterton® PLS Resists Leakage in Chemical Plant

A client in the chemical industry was struggling with bearing housing on a chemical pump leaking due to shaft fretting. They needed a solution that was non-sparking due to the hazardous installation environment, and Chesterton experts suggested the Chesterton® PLS, created by our very own AWC800 material. With easy installation at no additional modification costs, this solution has provided long term results.

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The Chesterton® 11K Rod Seal Reduces Breakdowns in the Steel Industry

In Japan, a client in the steel industry was dealing with seal damage caused by sharp metal shavings. Creating leakage issues in the press cylinders, this was causing increased downtime for maintenance and repairs. The Chesterton® 11K Rod Seal was recommended and, with its split design, led to easy installation, and impressive results saving the client nearly $8000 in savings of four years.

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Baggage Carousel Drive Bearings and Chain Drives Maintained with Lubri-Cup™!

Ensuring that the drive bearings and chain drives involved in baggage conveyor belts in a major airport were properly lubricated was a challenge due to the location of the grease fittings and the chain drive design. With the risk of under and over lubrication, the Lubri-Cup™ is the perfect solution, with automated sensors dispensing only the exact amount of product needed with little-to-no human intervention.

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Dealing with Pulp and Paper Plant’s Chest Damage with Chesterton ARC!

A pulp and paper customer was dealing with damage within a chest caused by falling concrete pieces. Due to the need to add hydrochloric acid to regulate pH levels, the mortar wall within was being damaged. Chesterton experts recommended the Chesterton ARC 791 Industrial Coating, a highly chemical resistant coating that can bond to damp concrete. After eight years, the results speak for themselves, and the customer chose to apply more of the product to other areas of the plant.

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Cement Pump Leakage Problem Solved by Chesterton DualPac® 2211 Packing!

A customer was experiencing issues with sealing a cement pump. They were forced to replace packing weekly due to leakage and a dirty pump area. Their goal was to increase mean time before failure and reduce maintenance costs. Chesterton DualPac® 2211 Packing was the way to go given its simple installation process, and the customer was so satisfied with the improvements that they placed an order for more!

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Hydropulper Leakage Eliminated by DualPac® 2211 Packing!

The gland of a recycle hydropulper can’t be adjusted while running, and therefore maintenance requires full shutdown. The packing in use was leaking excessively and required maintenance often, therefore the plant was losing significant resources and time in restarts. Chesterton recommended five rings of DualPac® 2211 Packing be installed, and the customer experienced longer packing life and less shutdowns.

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