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720 CCG Improves Filling Line Operation and Reduced Product Loss

A food manufacturer was dealing with corrosion on a filling line transmission chain. The lubricant they were using was easily washing off with water and acidic food residue. The lack of lubrication resulted in erratic operation of the conveyor, which caused product spillage. The drive chains were cleaned with Chesterton® 723 FG Sprasolvo™ Oil and then sprayed with Chesterton® 720 CCG.

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720 CCG Improves Production Efficiency and Lowers Costs

In a food manufacturing facility, frequent sanitising washes and use of a water0based process lubricant corroded carbon steel drive chains. The facility wanted to find a solution to reduce maintenance costs, while increasing uptime and chain longevity. Chesterton recommended the new Chesterton 720 Chain, Cable, and Gear Lubricant, which enabled smooth chain operation and easy re-lubrication.

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Reconditioning of Valves in Hydropower Plant with Chesterton ARC and Hydraulic Sealing

Sliding valves are are an important part of a Hydropower Plant. Its main function is to control (i.e. allow or interrupt) water flows using a “plug”. In this plant, there was damage found on the rectangular and cylindrical housing of the equipment, caused by erosion due to turbulent fluid flow. With a combination of repairs with Chesterton ARC Products and replacements with Chesterton Hydraulic Seals, all damaged equipment was resealed and fully operational once again. The client experienced no significant loss or damage after a year and was impressed with the performance of all parts.

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Chesterton 800 GoldEnd® Tape Seals Threaded Connection Piece

The disadvantages of commodity sealing tapes are well known to industry; small pieces of tape can break off, clogging precision tolerances such as hydraulic valves, and if the connection has to be re-adjusted, it often leaks. The solution in these scenarios is the Chesterton 800 GoldEnd® Tape, a thicker and more durable tape that can withstand temperatures of -240 degrees Celsius to 260 degrees Celsius. For this customer, the Chesterton tape maintained a positive seal even under extreme pressures and conditions.

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Chesterton Seals Pneumatic System Leaks in Power Plant

Pneumatic fittings in this power plant were failing repeatedly due to low-cost, low-quality PTFE thread sealing tape. This was leading to poor process control and wasted product and repair-time due to leakage in the systems. Chesterton prides itseld on top-quality lubricants, and so they recommended a combination of their Chesterton 800 GoldEnd® Tape and Chesterton 860™ Moldable Polymer Gasketing to repair and maintain efficient system processes. 

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Chesterton Lubricant Solutions Saves Mineral Oil Processing Plant in Waste and Downtime

 A mineral oil processing plant which sealed its stainless steel heat transfer oil pipe threads with a low-density PTFE tape experienced regular leakage. The customer wanted a complete sealing solution for all threaded and flanged assemblies. Chesterton 800 GoldEnd® Tape was applied on threaded connections by Chesterton specialists, and Chesterton 860™ Moldable Polymer Gasketing (MPG) was used to eliminated oil leakage. The customer has achieved savings of over $6,500 and improved worker safety. 

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Gearbox Reliability Increases Savings by $66K Over Eight Years

The cold water discharge valve at a sugar mill failed due to lack of lubrication in the gearbox. Chesterton recommended three of their industrial lubricant products to work in tandem to create the perfect unique solution. Chesterton 723 Sprasolvo® was applied, along with Chesterton® 651 Lubricating Oil and Chesterton® 615 HTG #1, and the results speak for themselves. The machinery ran smoothly for eight years, and saved the company a large loss in labor and downtime costs.

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Chesterton Lubricant Penetrates Nuts and Bolts for Simple and Efficient Removal

A petroleum refinery was having difficulty removing threaded assemblies from reactors, cracking units and flanged connections following two years in service. Several penetrating oils were tried but none proved effective, and torch cutting was dangerous and required permits. Chesterton offered the perfect alternative in the Chesterton 723™ Sprasolvo®, which penetrated the nuts and bolts in minutes and allowed for a more efficient removal process. This lubricant has been added to the stock supply system and is now standardised at the refinery.

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Chesterton 715 Spraflex® Gold Applied to Coal Rollers to Extend Lifetime

A large coal to liquid fuel plant uses a wire rope driven mechanism to “shunt” rail tank cars for filling. The previous grease combinations were wearing down the ropes and increasing the rate of maintenance and replacement. Chesterton lubricant specialists suggested Chesterton 715 Spraflex® Gold applied every few months. With an increase in lifetime from three years to five, the plant saved over $240,000 per year and their equipment ran more smoothly and efficiently than ever.

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Chesterton® 601 Lubricant Saves Chain Life in Lumber Mill

The wood sawing process creates dust, dirt, and adhesive pitch – residue that binds chain and creates abrasive wear. This particular chain was struggling to operate at its full potential, and so Chesterton experts suggested the Chesterton® 601 Chain Drive Pin and Bushing Lubricant, designed to penetrate wire chain to clean debris and dirt from its inner workings. The product was a success, cleaning the chains, saving electricity costs, and creating a safer working environment thanks to the limited oil drips and leaks.

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