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Updating LubriCup® EM with 615 II Grease for Power Plant Use

In high-stakes environments such as power plants, it is vital to have well-lubricated machinery to achieve maximum efficiency. The combination of the Chesterton LubriCup® EM with the 615 II Grease helped this client achieve their goal after experiencing frequent seizing of damper bearings. Where before they were combating rising temperatures, frequent maintenance, and shutdowns, now with the Chesterton combination the machinery is running smoother than ever.

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Low E Packing 1622 Applied to Emission Issues

With new national standards for emissions in China, our refinery client was desperately searching for a way to bring their operations up to scratch. Their previous packing solution could let out more than 8000PPM leakage and it was their goal to reduce this down to below 100PPM. With the help of the Chesterton team and the Chesterton® Low E Packing 1622, they were able to sufficiently reduce their emissions by close to 40 times at a new 50PPM after several months of operation.

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Lubrication Solution Implemented on Mining Vehicles to Reduce Assembly Time

Different sorts of conditioning products can have positive and negative effects on machinery. Our client was using wheel saver rim conditioner for dismantling truck tires which only headed the process and made it more complicated. Determined not to waste time with dismantling, they made the switch to Chesterton® NR 900 GoldEnd Paste, decreasing dismantling time from two hours to 30 minutes.

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Increasing Lubrication Reliability in Diverter Flap Damper

When this client came to Chesterton with stock-up building up and delaying production due to a lack of lubrication on the filter regulator lubricator, Chesterton employees were able to prescribe the Chesterton® 652 on the spot.

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Lubrication Solutions for Electric Motors in Cooling Towers Without Down Time

For working businesses that require mechanical equipment to function, down time can be the biggest danger when faced with faulty parts. Chesterton was able to suggest the Chesterton® Lubri-Cup™ EM which has the ability to independently release lubricant to keep parts running smoothly without manual application, reducing down time.

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Crane Hoist Wire and Rope Lubrication on Marine Terminal Equipment

Materials exposed to intense conditions, in this case corrosive salt air and air borne sand, can often dry out, trap dirt, and fail to prevent corrosion resulting in increased downtime and necessary replacements. A combination of Chesterton products protects against corrosion from harsh elements and keeps operation running smoothly!

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Upgrading from Diesel Oil to Chesterton Lubrication Solution

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A premium-quality oil formulated to penetrate between the close clearance of chain drive bushings and pins, wire ropes, and cables to provide critical lubrication. This formulation contains extreme pressure additives to increase chain load carrying ability in tough environments. Wire ropes and chain blocks often suffer from extreme build-up of dirt and dust that can have detrimental effects on work rate and ability.

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Cleaning of Lube – Oil Cooler Plates to Remove Build Up

An extreme build-up of carbon and scale deposits can occur and cause efficiency issues on lube-oil plates. Solvents such as Chesterton® 346 Descaler and Chemical Cleaner and Chesterton® 803 Industrial and Marine Solvent II are the perfect solutions for breaking down build-up.

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Cleaning and Lubricant Reliability in Electrical System Breaker

In all businesses and organisations, electrical systems will make or break operations. When such systems show signs of damage it’s nearly impossible for a business to work to its full capacity, therefore it is vital that wires and cables are protected. That’s where Chesterton® products like the 296 Electro-Contact Cleaner and the 601 Chain Drive Pin and Bushing Lubricant come in.

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Lubrication Solutions for Stiff Chains and Wire Rope in Crane Machinery

Chesterton® 601 Chain Drive Pin and Bushing Lubricant and Chesterton® 715 Spraflex are just two of Chesterton’s many lubricant options for wire rope and chains. Capable of removing residual dirt and limiting stress from metal-to-metal contact, this unique combination of products is the perfect solution.

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