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Diesel Storage Tank Pads Coated with ARC Concoction

The pads of a diesel storage tank had eroded, causing grouting to fail and crack. When this occurs, tank leakage is a huge problem and it requires large-scale repairs to fix adequately. The client wanted to extend the life of their tank, and so Chesterton experts suggested a mix of three Chesterton ARC products to coat and protect the tank surface.

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Chesterton DualPac® 2211 Packing Technology Reduces Downtime in Fertiliser Plant

A fertiliser manufacturing plant was experiencing a short one-month packing life on their conveyor, as their original packing was a general service packing. Looking to decrease maintenance time and downtime, they tried Chesterton DualPac® 2211 Packing and were far more satisfied with the results!

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A Pulp Mill Chooses DualPac® 2212 to Increase Their MTBF

A pulp mill was having issues maintaining their original packing solution under the high pressure from their fan pump. Lasting only six-nine months before needing replacement, they were experiencing high maintenance times and costs. Instead, they installed Chesterton DualPac® 2212, which is still needing little-to-no adjustments.

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DualPac® 2211 Beats Out the Competition at Food Processing Plant

In an effort to achieve more reliable sealing of a potato steam peeler, this food plant tried installing multiple types of packing in the hopes of finding one that would last. With their best contender only lasting two months before failure, Chesterton recommended the Chesterton DualPac® 2211 Packing Technology, and the MTBF increased astronomically!

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Desulfurisation Piping at Fossil Power Plant in Korea

A fossil power plant in Korea was suffering from abrasion wear on rubber linings due to slurry interference. Causing leakage, they were desperate for another solution. Chesterton specialists suggested using ARC BX2 to coat the piping, a wear-resistant coating designed to protect against sliding abrasion. With a simple application process, Chesterton specialists were able to apply the coating quickly and efficiently, and the customer is still appreciating the results today!

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How Chesterton DualPac® Technology Helped a Sugar Mill Extend Packing Life

A customer in a sugar mill was experiencing incredibly low life-cycles on their original packing material, resulting in extrusion. Chesterton recommended DualPac® 2212 and the five rings were installed. Just within 25 days, the customer was already experiencing less issues and concerns with the packing and were saving costs due to less replacement material and downtime.

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DualPac® 2211 and 2212 Packing Reduces Cost and Time at Salt Plant

A customer working in a salt processing plant was under pressure to reduce costs and adjustments to their original packing in order to keep up with competitors. Chesterton supplied them with Dualpac® 2211 and DualPac® 2212 to apply to multiple pumps, and the results spoke for themselves, the Chesterton packing needing only half the adjustments compared to the original.

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DualPac® 2211 Achieves 25-Day Record in Fertiliser Process

A company overseeing fertiliser mineral manufacturing was struggling with maintaining packing life, their original material lasting only three days. Dealing with abrasive gypsum slurry, they need a packing that could hold up against any test. Chesterton experts installed the DualPac® 2211 Packing and saved the day!

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DualPac®2211 Replaces Destroyed Sealing in Centrifugal Pump

A paper plant in Europe was struggling with centrifugal pump packing being destroyed by plastics and small metal parts. The destroyed packing was a common, heat-resistant fibre that resisted burning for only eight weeks. Chesterton replaced the destroyed product with DualPac® 2211 Packing with great success.

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DualPac® 2211 Packing Helps Extend Ash Pump Life at Power Plant

A power plant in Bulgaria was struggling with sealing problems in their ash pump. With their original packing and shaft sleeve needing constant maintenance and repair, the customer wanted to achieve at least six months without the need for replacement. Luckily, DualPac® 2211 was up for the challenge!

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