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Chesterton Industrial Lubricant Solutions Keeps Chains Free From Sludge

The chains of an apron feeder are exposed to moisture and abrasive dirt. Water and abrasive dust residue buildup caused excessive wear as well as severe corrosion in the pin and bushing. Chesterton experts suggested and applied Chesterton 601 Chain Drive Pin and Bushing Lubricant on the chains without prior cleaning. After 1 month using Chesterton 601 in the oil bath, the detergency action of this product kept the chain free from sludge, and after 12 months, the chain life doubled.

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Blow Out in Electrical Power Plant Condenser Resolved with Chesterton® ARC Solutions

Severe sea water corrosion was resulting in ‘blow-out’ on the tube face of the electrical power plant condenser. Constantly causing unplanned downtime, the client was searching for another way to better protect their equipment and reduce downtime for maintenance and repairs. Chesterton experts recommended a combination of three Chesterton ARC products, each designed to properly seal and protect against corrosive substances. After application, the titanium tube face showed no further corrosion.

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Chesterton® ARC Products Refurbish Condensers in Power Plant

The liners of the water boxes were found to be damaged with faulty coatings. The client was looking for a way to remove the existing coating and liners and find a new solution to extend the equipment life. Chesterton experts suggested two Chesterton ARC products, and, after proper preparation, clearing, and testing, the surface was deemed suitable for application. With a combination of the two products, the condenser was back in service with its life extended dramatically. The client requested Imatech to refurbish three more condensers with the products.

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Chesterton Protects Fertiliser Scrubber Fans at Granulating Plant

A build up of fertiliser within scrubber fans was causing the fans to vibrate and become imbalanced. This problem required a shutdown every two weeks so the fans could be cleaned and operation could resume as normal. It was the clients goal to reduce the need for maintenance and downtime costs. Chesterton suggested the Chesterton® ARC SD4i  Ceramic Coating to improve the surface. The client was extremely happy with the results and purchased the coating for other scrubber fans within their plant.

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Chesterton Corrects Coatings in Chemical Processing Area of Mining Facility

A client was dealing with old coatings cracking and failing and leaving floors badly damaged in a chemical processing area of a mining facility. Caused by leaks of acids and industrial chemicals, the client needed to find an alternative, long-lasting solution. Chesterton experts suggested a combination of three Chesterton® ARC products to protect the floors, drains and sumps. After more than 18 months, the client reported that the coatings were still in excellent condition with little-to-no damage.

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Chesterton® ARC SD4i Protects Steel Saltwater Strainer from Corrosion and Abrasion

Severe corrosion within a saltwater strainer from a blast furnace lead to replacement of the full strainer every two-to-three years. Our client wanted to find an alternative coating that could resist these forces, and reduce maintenance costs and replacement downtime. Chesterton specialists recommended Chesterton® ARC SD4i to protect the steel strainer. The client confirmed that the product provided long term corrosion protection in salt water applications, and the high gloss finish minimised unwanted build up.

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Chesterton® ARC Concoction Gets Coal Sumps Back Up and Running

A client within a coal washery was facing high sump replacement costs due to heavy corrosion caused by pitting and holes in the sump surface. Chesterton experts volunteered Chesterton® ARC products to solve the problem, and created a unique combination to fix this very specific set of problems. With one acting as a primer, one acting to regrade the holes, and another acting as a coating for the wall itself, the three products worked wonders. The new solution created a long-term finish with long-term results.

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Chesterton® ARC Composites Used for Path Repair of Coal Cyclone

A customer required maintenance on their cyclones after the engineered ceramic tiles fractures and disbonded with the high impact of reject coal. Replacement of these units can be expensive and costly when it comes to downtime. The customer wanted to extend uptime and lower maintenance costs, and so Chesterton recommended two of our Chesterton® ARC composites to solve the problem. With these products applied, production was able to begin in 24 hours after downtime, rather than the several weeks it would take for replacements.

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Pulp and Paper Customer Upgrade from OEM Lip Seal to Chesterton® Polymer Labyrinth Seal

One of our customers in the pulp and paper industry was using a tradition OEM lip seal that resulted in serious leaks, slowing down all production in the plant. Knowing they had to improve their performance, their goal was to find a solution that would reduce friction and eliminate oil leakage. Chesterton suggested the Chesterton® Polymer Labyrinth Seal and, with a little modification of the equipment bearing cover, the seal was installed with great success and is still running to this day!

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Chesterton® PLS the Choice for Paperboard Plant Reduction Gear

Conventional lip seals in paperboard plant reduction gear often leak due to excessive shaft wear. This can lead to contaminated paper products that therefore become unfeasible and waste time and profits. This client’s goal was to eliminate the contamination of products by eliminating oil leaks. Chesterton experts recommended the Chesterton ® PLS (Polymer Labyrinth Seal) and the client reported long-lasting results stretching three years, and also purchased e more of the seals to apply to other areas of their plant.

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