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Reactor filters life improvement with Chesterton® ARC Industrial Coating


The reactor filters in the gas (HF, SO2, CO2, C2F4) scrubber plant undergo degradation due to the alumina particles that “grind” the filter walls in a short time due to the
cyclonic nature of the solid / gas mixture while passing through the filters at high speeds.

The current repair program will weld new plates to the filter wall to protect the affected area. This causes an excessive increase in the weight of the filter and turbulent flow inside the filter, which damages the area of the welded plate, causing more damage inside.

Each reactor filter lasts approximately six years before repairs are needed, with 23 reactor filters in the plant.

Typical alumina gas scrubber reactor filter system

Products featured in this case study:

Chesterton ARC BX1


Applying a 6mm coating of Chesterton® ARC BX1 along the inside of the filter wall will ensure a more laminar flow of solid particles around the filter itself, smooth out areas
where solids can penetrate and ensure that the substrate material is protected from the abrasive nature of the alumina particles. 

This will ensure that the filter walls will withstand beyond the normal six-year life, with an expectation of at least 12 years of use, mitigate any toxic gas leaks through abrasive-eroded walls, and help with the current environmental issues these leaks cause.

Chesterton ARC BX1 being coated on the inside wall of a filter

Chesterton ARC BX1 – 100% solids, modified epoxy formulation, reinforced with a proprietary blend of ceramic beads and powders for severely abrasive, sliding wear environments.

ARC BX1 industrial wear resistant coati​ng is designed to:

  • Protect areas exposed to sliding abrasion
  • Resurface damaged metal in lieu of more traditional weld overlays
  • Replace ceramic tiles and rubber linings, which can disbond easily
  • Easily apply by trowel​​​​​​​​​​​​​


All amounts shown are in USD

Current welded pad solution repair costs

Steel “pads” (990 mm long, 84 mm thick, CHT100 steel) = $6,000
Trades costs to weld new “pads” = $49,000
Filter downtime to execute each repair = 216 hours

Total cost of plant repair = $1,265,000 and 4,968 hours

Chesterton ARC solution repair costs

ARC BX1 to cover the entire filter walls: $4,192
Trades costs to apply ARC BX1 = $9,074
Filter downtime to execute each repair = 40 hours

Total cost of shutdown = $305,118 and 920 hours

ROI = 1.45 years ($159,980 saving / year)

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Chesterton® ARC coatings are specifically formulated and engineered to be used in a wide range of harsh environments and conditions.

With outstanding adhesion, superior mechanical strength, excellent permeation, chemical and wear resistance, 100% solids and solvent-free, the available range of Chesterton ARC coating will help you protect your investment.

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Issued 06/2022

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