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Replacement of OEM Hydraulic Seals in High-Pressure Hydraulic Cylinders


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Chesterton® unique thermoset AWC800 urethane and a combination of AWC800/AWC825 in our 11K design are the perfect choice with worn shafts and pre-loaded with no necessary gland tightening.

Products featured in the case study:



Capral Aluminum’s hydraulic cylinder maintenance was scheduled every 6 months this meant lost manufacturing time in mid year. Leakage could occur within 3-6 months of resealing in rag and rubber v-sets resulting in large quantities of oil loss.


Achieve a reduction in MTBR to enable this maintenance to be carried out at 12 monthly intervals over the Christmas period, remove any necessity for monitoring oil levels or gland tightening throughout the year.


The team at Chesterton Customseal liaised with Capral to measure every stripped cylinder when available over 18 months, getting all necessary information to provide the best solution for the customer.

Through an in-depth analysis of current arrangement’s and cylinder wear and operation, Chesterton Customseal were able to supply the right product to solve Capral Aluminum’s challenge.

Chesterton® unique thermoset AWC800 urethane replaced the OEM NBR seals, and a combination of AWC800/AWC825 in our 11K design replaced OEM V-sets being the perfect choice with worn shafts and preloaded with no necessary gland tightening.

World-renowned AWC800 Polymer Chesterton’s

AWC800 material is widely considered to be the highest performing polyurethane material for heavy-duty fluid power applications on the market today. In addition, we utilize a full range of advanced materials for the most demanding applications.

11K Stack sets

The single-acting, two-piece, stacked rod seal set employs a negative rake design to optimize operating performance while easing installation into the stuffing box cavity. The bottom ring is the primary sealer while the top ring works as an anti-extrusion ring, provides secondary sealing, and provides added support to the sealer ring. The set is available in various material combinations as well as split or solid designs.


Client Reported

Our AWC825 material has been incredibly successful in the 11k design particularly on the worn shaft. Using Chesterton® soft AWC825 the seal set conformed to irregularities in the shaft surface while the 11K design meant a fixed seal groove and no gland tightening, resulting in no oil loss and a maintenance-free cylinder until the next scheduled shutdown! Which means great savings for Capral Aluminum (estimated $5500 AUD saved per year).

There was no leakage over the twelve months period.

The incredible extrusion resistance of our AWC800 also allowed us to minimize the parts list and remove all anti-extrusion rings, meaning simpler installation too!

Next step is working with the client to achieve a 24 month changeout time on critical operation cylinders!


  • CCS’s seal replacement timeframe 12 months vs 6 months using OEM – $2000 seals saving
  • No trace of leakage during 12 months operation: saving $1500 in lost oil
  • Cylinder life extended from 6 to 12 months saving $2000 in labour
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