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Replacement of OEM Hydraulic Seals in Large Recycling Press


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At Chesterton, we aim to create the most air-tight solutions for our customers’ struggles and grievances. We specialise in providing seals that guarantee zero leakage, such as our stacked sets which contain not one, but two layers of seal to allow for the upmost support and pressure.

Products featured in the case study:

Chesterton 11K

Chesterton P22K



A commonly used model of a recycling shear press at a West Australian recycler was experiencing leakage from the gland seals within only three months after resealing with OEM rag and rubber v-sets. This required regular gland to be tightening over the cylinder lifetime, causing more excessive wear to steel components and continuous monitor for leakage.


Provide a cylinder seal set that would allow zero leakage throughout the entire operating range with no need for attention in between scheduled maintenance, resulting in a bypass free cylinder with much longer lifetime and reduce maintenance costs.


Chesterton® high-performance thermoset AWC860 urethane, Chesterton’s unique seal designs and precision manufacturing. Our team worked very closely with repairers throughout the stripping and rebuilding process to ensure we offered the best possible solution.

AWC860 material

This high-performance polymer is capable of a high surface speed of 1.25m/s even with coupled high operating temperatures of 120 C. This coverage caters for all hard-working, heavy-duty equipment. Particularly in the Australian climate where OEM seals are commonly rated to no more than 100C, this material has shown outstanding performance.

11K Stack Set

The single-acting, two-piece, stacked rod seal set employs a negative rake design to optimise operating performance while easing installation into the stuffing box cavity. The bottom ring is the primary sealer while the top ring works as an anti-extrusion ring, provides secondary sealing, and gives added support to the sealer ring.

P22K Piston Seals

The optimum seal design enables controlled pressure distribution through the entire seal component while the proper expansion space provides free space for deformation under pressure, optimising seal contact area on the sliding surface


Client Reported

Exceeded thirty-six months in operation with no leakage identified, this has saved the client over $60,000 AUD in three years, considering all maintenance costs.

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