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SAW Longitudinal Press



A leading global manufacturer and supplier of large steel tubular products used in specialized industrial applications (line pipe) was having performance issues with their longitudinal press.

The fabric-reinforced rubber seals on one of the main hydraulic rams was leaking and caused drifting, and inconsistent loading, that required an equipment overhaul every 6 months.

Huge press capable of producing a 50" (1270 mm) diameter pipe

Huge press capable of producing a 50″ (1270 mm) diameter pipe.




Chesterton recommended a unique stacked set sealing solution made from its world renowned durable, high-performance AWC 800 polymer.

Unlike conventional stacked sets, these designs make contact through the center to ensure even loading, longer sealing life, and minimal gland pressure.

8K – single acting, molded V-ring sets with a positive rake design to provide optimum operating performance

Chesterton 8K

Chesterton 8K – Pressure-sensitive, custom-molded stacked set used for hydraulic sealing.



Improved Performance & Reliability

Chesterton’s sealing solution preformed admirably extending the maintenance cycle to 24 months between rebuilds.
Savings in cost to rebuild exceeded $35,000 which does not include lost profits due to downtime and production costs.

MTBR Improved: 4X


Installation of the Chesterton 8K

Installation of the Chesterton 8K stacked set made from AWC 800 material.


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