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The Chesterton® 11K Rod Seal Reduces Breakdowns in the Steel Industry


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In Japan, a client in the steel industry was dealing with seal damage caused by sharp metal shavings. Creating leakage issues in the press cylinders, this was causing increased downtime for maintenance and repairs. The Chesterton® 11K Rod Seal was recommended and, with its split design, led to easy installation, and impressive results saving the client nearly $8000 in savings of four years.

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The unique Chesterton® 11K split seal with dual material combination and spacer

Chesterton 11K



In the process of laminating a copper plate, many copper shavings are generated when the rolled plate is coarsely ground. These shavings are pressed for reuse but the press cylinder often leaks oil and needs to be replaced.

Root Cause

Lots of metal shavings sticking to the cylinder shaft Seals are damaged by the shavings but also there is some runout due to the long stroke of the thin rod.


The customer wants to prevent frequent breakdowns and extend the maintenance cycle of the press cylinder.

The customer wants to extend the maintenance cycle of the press cylinder.


The urethane V-packing that was used had a damaged lip and coupled with the hard to access installation position, made re-tightening very difficult. As this was a bronze male-female adapter specification, the Chesterton 11K rod seal solution was adopted which does not require re-tightening and upgraded the seals to our 1-2-3 system specifications with 21K and 19K arrangement.

Chesterton® 11K Rod Seal

Single-acting, two-part unit recommended for use in hydraulic cylinders and presses. The unique, split design eliminates the need for equipment disassembly and shimming. The simplified design reduces friction and wear as observed in conventional elastomer V-ring assemblies. The net effect is an improvement in the life of the equipment.

Chesterton 11K Rod Seal


Client Reported

The solution ran well for four years and was overhauled due to another issue with the equipment however, there were no oil leaks and no damage to the 11K seal.


Conventional maintenance costs (in USD)

$40 x 8 Hours x 8 technical personnel =

$2,560 + Seal Cost $600 = $3,160

$3,160 x 4 breakdowns = $12,640 (4 Year Total)

New maintenance cost

$40 x 8 Hours x 8 technical personnel =

$2,560 + Seal Cost $2300 = $4,860

4 Year Total Savings = $7,780

After installation.

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Case Study APAC0029 – Issued 08/21

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