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Upgrading Scored Slide Cylinder



A major steel mill in located in Japan was experiencing piston failure every four months on a very old and badly scored die slide cylinder located on a hot extrusion press.

Premature cylinder failure was impacting maintenance and production. The customer was interested in a sealing solution capable of extending the MTBR.

  • Cylinder Size: 115 X 140mm



Working with the Application Engineering team, the Chesterton Specialist recommended a unique Chesterton® 11K set: (Special P11KWSOR: 115 X 140 X 39mm, AWC800/825/650). The sealing solution included a standoff ring for enhanced stability when exposed to side loading and or vacuuming conditions.

Chesterton 11K Split Seal Product Features:

  • Dual ring split design, works on worn surfaces
  • Only two split rings to install
  • No shimming or gland adjustments

Equipment cross sectional indicates previous design vs. custom 11K design using the AWC800/AWC825 material combination.



The unique Chesterton® 11K split sealing solution using the AWC825 material is designed to improve sealing reliability in scored, worn, aged or pitted equipment.

The thermoset material also provides superior wear and abrasion resistance to enhance seal performance.

This Chesterton solution was proven to outperform the competitive product and eliminate leakage issues.

Chesterton 11K® is operating leak free!

Split 11K set

Split 11K set with dual material AWC800/AWC825 used in combination with a standoff ring for added stability and support.


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