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Key Performance Indicators for Improved Coating Selection in Wastewater System

Understanding corrosion types: The key to more efficient wastewater systems
By gaining a deeper understanding of common corrosion patterns, operators of wastewater systems can choose the right surface coating to extend component life. Download now.

How to choose the best pump seals and packing for mining slurry operations

Slurry pumps are the workhorses of mining operations, helping to efficiently transport ore in the form of slurry throughout the site. Unfortunately, they are also often one of the more trouble-prone parts of many plants, with the abrasive nature of mining slurries taking a high toll on pump components. By paying close attention to the sealing solution used in the gland area of slurry pumps, mining operators can increase productivity – and profitability. Download now.

Slurry Sealing Whitepaper

Covid-19 Sharpens Focus on Component Life: Q&A with BTP Group’s Paul Allenby

With COVID-19 impacting the ability of mining operators to access services and parts, equipment reliability has never been more important. Paul Allenby, Regional Sales Manager for Australian mining machinery service provider BTP Group, explains how his organisation has responded to the challenges with help from A.W. Chesterton Company. Download now.