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Oil & Gas

Chesterton Customseal provides a high-value service to the Australian and Asia Pacific Oil & Gas industry, using our 135 years of Chesterton®  knowledge and experience, to manufacture equipment designated seals to strict deadlines with a reliable service.

Our high-performance seals/components, manufactured using Chesterton® exclusive materials, can significantly extend mean time between repairs (MTBR), lower overall equipment costs, and improve operational performance.

Our flexible manufacturing capabilities – for both moulded and machined products – enable us to provide virtually any design, any material, and any seal size with short lead times.

With cutting-edge technology, we develop and produce innovative, safe and sustainable solutions, to always provide you with world-class products.

NBR Material - AWC742

The NBR material – AWC742 we offer at Chesterton Customseal is perfect for use in the oil and gas industry.

Available in various grades and hardnesses, ranging from Shore A 70 to Shore A90, this material is ideal for creating machined O-rings, pneumatic seals, heavy-duty hydraulic seals or custom designs.

For the most demanding applications, we have grades for low-temperature service and explosive decompression environments.

Combined with full traceability of the raw compound to date of cure and Chesterton Customseal’sfull quality assurance, this is a base material for the oil and gas industry.

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HNBR Material - AWC743

A common compound in the oil and gas industry, HNBR – AWC743 is widely known for its chemical resistance.
HNBR is a hydrogenated nitrile rubber material.

With all the benefits of nitrile rubber plus the improved high-temperature rating of 150 degrees C, this material is the perfect choice for sour gas service.

Norsok M710 Annex B approved, this material can be used in applications where rapid gas decompression is present.

With Chesterton’s unique manufacturing machining process, we can produce practically any seal shape and size to meet your needs.

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FKM Material - AWC730

FKM is an elastomer based on fluorinated rubber, a material with exceptional resistance to heat, atmospheric agents and many other chemicals. FKM is a key material for demanding applications you find in the oil and gas industry.

With its extreme temperature and broad chemical resistance, it is widely used in the oil and gas industry across a wide range of equipment.

This chemical resistant material can be used up to a maximum temperature of 220 degrees C with suitable low-temperature degrees down to -50 degrees C.

With the flexibility to machine practically any shape of seal up to 1 meter in diameter, it is possible to guarantee efficiency and reliability with complete traceability.

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