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Chesterton Customseal has an array of solutions for pharmaceutical equipment that includes presses, cylinders and valve/control units to offer unique, proven designs and highly durable, innovative materials for exceptional performance. Our wide variety of elastomeric seals provide longer service life, higher reliability, and improved performance.

It is fundamental to maintain the high qualitative standard of the product and above all, to guarantee maximum functionality of the processing procedures.
Polymer and elastomeric seals for the pharmaceutical sector are designed to avoid the formation of deposits that could cause bacterial contamination, leakages and wastage.

Our sealing solutions for pharmaceutical industries demonstrate a range of properties including chemical compatibility, high-temperature resistance, abrasion resistance and the ability to resist aggressive cleaning regimes. The requirements for seal robustness is crucial, for example, in tablet production where powders are processed.

Due to the complex requirements of the Pharmaceutical field, several high execution materials must fulfil the demand for excellent chemical sealing, dependability, and extended durability. Chesterton Customseal elastomers seals are suitable for severe performing conditions. This is the reason why Chesterton Customseal products are predominantly utilised in the Mining, Oil and Gas and Chemical industry.

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